[J-Drama] Kaettekita Ie Uru Onna SP 01 (Completed)

05/28/2017 0

It has been two years since Sagenya Machi (Kitagawa Keiko) and Yashiro Hajime (Nakamura Toru) left Teiko Real Estate’s Shinjuku office. Sales at the office, which is now led by Fuse Makoto (Kajihara Zen), have been sluggish because of the rise of a rival and the office is on the verge of closing down. Niwano Seiji (Kudo Asuka) visits Machi who has become the company president of Sanchi Real Estate to seek her help.

[J-Drama] Tokyo Dara Dara Musume Episode 01

05/27/2017 0

"Tokyo Dara Dara Musume" (Tokyo Slovenly Girls) which consists of 5 episodes to be released every Wednesday, features three women played by Sato Hitomi, Ozawa Maju and Kobayashi Kinako who are around the age of 40 i.e. 10 years older than the original cast. Sato will play a freeter Ranko while Ozawa and Kobayashi will play Saori, a beautician and Koume, the manager at an izakaya respectively. The three of them are all single and spend their time at a drinking place Nondakure having girls' gatherings and talking about everything under the sun without qualms. Source Dorama World

[J-Drama] Kono Yo ni Tayasui Shigoto wa Nai Episode 07

05/27/2017 0

Kasumi (Erina Mano) gets a job as a teacher at an elementary school. This fulfills a lifelong dream for her, but Kasumi is too passionate with her job. She overworks herself and gets burned out from her job. Kasumi quits her teaching job. She is still only 28 years old. Kasumi needs to find work and begins to take short-term jobs. She meets mysterious employee Masakado (Atsuko Asano) of Hello Work.

[J-Drama] Kakuu OL Nikki Episode 06

05/27/2017 0

The drama is based on a blog written by Baka Rhythm between 2006 and 2009 where he posed as a OL nicknamed Kakuu Masuno who supposedly worked in a bank and wrote stories about the daily feelings of a OL from her perspective and the people around "her".

[J-Drama] Chiisana Kyojin Episode 06

05/27/2017 0

Shinichiro Kosaka (Hiroki Hasegawa) is a detective at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He has worked hard to become the chief of the first investigation division, but he makes a mistake. Due to his mistake, he is demoted to a police station. There, he meets detectives, who may have less skills, but are determined to solve cases.

[J-Drama] Kimi Wa Petto Episode 11

05/27/2017 0

Sumire Iwaya (Noriko Iriyama) works as an editor for a well known newspaper. She is attractive and graduated from a prestigious university. She goes through a difficult period after being dumped by her boyfriend and getting demoted at work. One day, she picks up a beautiful young man, Takeshi Goda (Jun Shison), out of a box. Takeshi looks like her former pet Momo and Sumire offers to let Takeshi live in her home as her pet.

[J-Drama] Sayonara, Enari-kun Episode 04

05/27/2017 0

25-year-old Kiriyama Saori has been through many relationships throughout her life and she still strives to find pure love and her dream man through various marriage-seeking activities. Instead she ends up meeting some two-faced men: a philanderer, a mothercon and a cheapskate. But an awful surprise awaits these men: Saori possesses a certain special ability and her character completely changes in the blink of an eye. What kind of curious power does she have?!

[J-Drama] Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru Episode 05

05/27/2017 0

When Shoutarou Tatewaki first meets Sakurako Kujou, he knows his life will never be the same. Initially believing her to be responsible for a disappearance in the neighborhood, he later learns of her true talent: analyzing bone specimens. Sakurako has quite the collection of reconstructed animal bones, but she wishes she had more of the human variety, much to the chagrin of those around her.

[J-Drama] Onna Joushu Naotora Episode 20

05/27/2017 0

During the Sengoku period, the Ii family governs the Totomi region. Due to many past wars, there are no more male successors left to become a lord. Naotora Ii (Kou Shibasaki), the only daughter of the lord, now becomes a lord. She faces a difficult period. The constant love from her fiance, whom she became engaged with at a young age, helps her to keep moving forward.

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