Phone Call

Summary: Sebastian keeps calling Kurt, and Kurt thinks it's a little weird.

Sebastian was calling Kurt all of the time, and it was kind of weird.

It started with a several-second taunt one evening after Kurt got back from work, exhausted. "Hey Hummel, heard short and sexy finally got rid of you. Wanna have some fun tonight? I know a few guys who might be fooled by your lady-face." Kurt hung up on him with a growl and stomped around and burned the vegetarian stir-fry that night, to Rachel's dismay.

The insults didn't stop until after a chance encounter between the two at a café in which they somehow ended up with each other's coffee. Kurt remained convinced that the mix-up was done on purpose by Sebastian until almost a month later when he checked his voicemail one afternoon. "I drank your stupid coffee and now I can't figure out what they hell you even ordered. I've been trying different coffee orders for a month because it was fucking good, but the barista is no help and I just want to drink coffee that's drinkable again, so call me back and tell me your damn order." Kurt had spent a good, long while thinking over how soon to call back. He'd left it another couple of weeks, then told the other boy to order the holiday special. That wasn't his order, but it was hilarious to hear Sebastian cursing loudly in public about how the peppermint was burning his taste buds when he called back.

The calls didn't get truly strange until a drunken phone call one Saturday night after a few more random coffee shop encounters when Sebastian confessed that he liked staring at Kurt's eyes. "I just... they're oceans, Kurt, and they're always moving around and I swear I could stare at them for hours."
"You're drunk, Sebastian," Kurt helpfully replied.
"But it's true! You know that time that we met for coffee?"
"We do that pretty often now."
"It was... it was the guy with the jacket, the poet. He said that thing about the ocean..."
"Wait, you mean that hobo we saw outside of the coffee shop? The one shouting Coleridge at everyone who passed?"
"He said that thing about the ocean and it was completely true! Your eyes are just like that!"
"...He was talking about glowing snakes in the water, Sebastian. What are you trying to say?"
The conversation didn't improve much from there, and it took a week of cold-shouldering from Kurt for Sebastian to apologize for the insult that was supposed to be a compliment and that he didn't even remember butchering and the subsequent word vomit that inadvertently led to the insult of Kurt's clothes, hair, family, and past relationships. The apology reeked of insincerity, and somehow it devolved into a public shouting-match, thrown coffee, and the promise that they really didn't need the other in their lives. That led to a month of silence that might have continued indefinitely. Kurt got another drunken call, though, this time from a boy back home, and it still hurt maybe a little more than it should have. Despite her misgivings, Rachel called Sebastian to come and fix her friend, and he showed up with cheesecake, no questions asked. The two didn't really talk out their problems that night, but when Kurt fell asleep on Sebastian's shoulder, Rachel was pretty sure they'd be okay.
The calls were more frequent after that, with lots of banter and snark. The whole thing might have been pleasant, even, if not for the awkward complication of Kurt actually starting to enjoy the phone calls - look forward to them, even. One night, when Sebastian was loopy with lack of sleep while preparing for a final, Rachel even caught Kurt smiling. It was bizarre.
What was more bizarre was when Sebastian started asking Kurt to go places with him. The d-word was never used, but Kurt and Rachel spent long hours analyzing the situation and what happened on these "outings." Kurt was pretty sure they were dating. He was absolutely sure when the two went to a club one night and Sebastian deflected everyone else who flirted with him, as well as everyone who approached Kurt.
"Bas, is there some particular reason that you keep telling guys that I'm not interested?" There was a very clear tone of "you'd better give me the right answer, Smythe, or I'm going to make your life hell" in Kurt's voice.
Sebastian, easily catching the tone and paying about as much attention to it as usual, raised an eyebrow. "You came here with me, Kurt. Don't tell me you're looking for a random hook-up?"
"Maybe I am," he challenged. "I guess that depends."
Sebastian was glaring at him. "On what you can snag?"
"On whether or not I'm here with my boyfriend."
Sebastian froze and Kurt immediately tensed. Maybe that hadn't been the best way to ask. Of course it hadn't been – he hadn't even asked anything and it sounded like some kind of demand, and Sebastian wasn't good with demands. He was never going to go for this... but the other boy uncrossed his arms and leaned closer, and in the next second they were kissing.

Kurt's heart skipped and started racing. Sebastian tasted like the alcohol he'd already had and a little bit like cinnamon but mostly just like Sebastian, intoxicating and maddening and so close.

Too soon he pulled back, smiling without the usual hint of smirk. "You couldn't have just said something, huh?"

"I don't remember you saying anything either."

"Yeah, we're pretty good at not talking." They spent a lot of time not talking after that, memorizing each other instead.

The phone calls were sickening after that, according to Rachel. It was the giggling, which was almost constant; she hadn't heard that much giggling from Kurt in a long time. It was also the gentle teasing, and the not-so-gentle teasing, and the unending inside jokes. The most sickening was how frequently she had to run out of the room when Kurt used that certain tone of voice because she did not need any more of those images of her best friend, please. She didn't want to think of Kurt with his boyfriend like that any more than he wanted to think of her with her boyfriend.

Things were going fantastically when Sebastian screwed up. They'd decided to attend a fashion exhibit at the museum – mostly at Kurt's insistence – and watching Kurt getting excited over the displays made the other boy blurt out a certain set of words that he'd been hoping to say at a more appropriate time. Kurt, shell-shocked, hadn't been able to choke out a response before Sebastian got defensive and blurted out something else about Kurt still being hung up over his last boyfriend. That hadn't been a good idea at all, and pretty soon they were shouting and being asked to leave. Kurt was thoroughly embarrassed by being a part of a scene that was going to be talked about all over the place at work the next day and hopped in a cab without another word to Sebastian.

It had been maybe a week, and the apologetic voicemails were plentiful.

"Kurt, I didn't mean what I said, could you please call me back?"

"I mean, I meant the first thing, just not that thing about Anderson. I just really need to talk to you, okay babe?"

"You're being really fucking childish, Hummel, you know that? Forget it, I'm tired of dealing with your little bitch fits."

"Fuck, I didn't mean that either, I'm such a fucking moron. You know I always say the wrong thing. Please call me back."

"If you don't call me back, I'm going to start pestering Rachel. I know she's hell to deal with when she's in a bad mood."

"I guess calling her that late wasn't the best idea to get her on my side. You were right about the screeching."

"Baby please call me back, now Rachel keeps calling me and I'm kind of terrified. She knows where I live now."

"You're the one who told her to keep calling me, aren't you? Fuck."

"Kurt, I miss you. Please talk to me?"

It was a Saturday night and Rachel was attempting to cook while Kurt arranged on layouts for work on the couch when he finally got the call that made him relent. He waited out the usual ringtone and Rachel popped in from the kitchen to listen. He put the voicemail on speaker phone and laid it on the coffee table.

"Hey Kurt, it's me again. Look, I'm really fucking sorry about what happened, okay? I just… this is the first time I've felt like this, and I knew it was too soon but it just slipped out, and then you didn't answer and I felt like such an idiot and… That's not an excuse, I know. I'm just really sorry, and I'm really bad at saying I'm sorry, and I just want to go back to how things were. Can we talk? Please?"

Kurt smiled a little at the phone on the table and looked up just in time to see Rachel roll her eyes and throw up her hands, the clearest "if you really must forgive him already" gesture he'd ever seen. He picked up the phone and hit redial.


"Hi, Sebastian."

"Kurt. Listen, I am so sorry about the museum, it was stupid for me to get so upset –"

"I heard, I know, you've only left me dozens of messages."

"Kurt, I –"

"You're interrupting me again. This whole thing started because you jumped to conclusions and wouldn't let me speak." Kurt paused and there was silence on the other end of the line. "Much better. I was calling to let you know that your probation is being lifted on one condition."

"…and that is?" Sebastian sounded hesitant.

"Buy me lunch tomorrow and pay for admission for both of us for the museum, assuming they'll let us back in. I barely got to see anything last time, and this is the last weekend for the exhibit. You will not rush me."

The other boy chuckled. "Sure thing, babe. So, are we…?"

"We're fine, Bas." He grinned at the sigh of relief he heard, and Rachel rolled her eyes at him, retreating into the kitchen to avoid whatever sickening conversation was surely coming. "Oh, and Bas?"


"Before you interrupted me… I was going to say I love you, too."

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